Man’s Folly


The sense of immediacy/ Written on her face/ Slice of a moment/ Frozen within trace/ Background a blur/ Depiction of time/ Meshing together/ Lost seconds, a crime/ Flooded with people/ Cheeks are a flush/ Placing an order/ Feeling that rush/ Despite of the theme/ Transitory permanence/ Her attention is yours/ If only, intermittents/ Concur Apprehension/ Inaccurate supposition/ Choose your poison/ Make the decision/ With eyes locked/ Discerning more/ Trinket on her neck/ She has a before/ Upon first glance/ You would not comprehend/ Merely a servant/ Is trying to pretend/ Displacing her past/ Swallowing pride/ Complying with fate/ Her ambition, tried/ Detailed depth/ Focusing vision/ Soundless agony/ Defined apparition/ Bounded by class/ Oppressed by age/ History of women/ Crystallized suffrage/ A reciprocal action/ Followed by intrigue, persistent/ Of the life that was led/ Before that very instant/ Objectified drone/ Suitable presentation/ Allegedly transparent/ Cruel condemnation/ Society’s dismissal/ Of intellect’s thrive/ Abandoning the minds/ Crucial to survive/ No second for speculation/ Or question to raise/ Gather up your vices/ Blend back in to the haze.

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